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You are our audience!

You are our audience

You might think: not again another children’s playground, kids farm or adventure farm. There are plenty of those existing on the market were we could go to already.  That is right, there are quite a few similarities but some big differences as well. So what is that, what we do differently? ”We want to share and show you and your kids what farming is all about, returning back to its origin, in a classic and modern way”.

As you might have noticed by now we are an adventure farm for both children and their parents. Our concept is quite simple: we want to be there for you as a parent!

Being young parents ourselves we know how incredibly busy and life changing the birth of a child is in your daily routine. In the first place, you want to be there for your kids, give them all the attention needed and a safe place to grow up. Besides that, you might want to buy your first home, work on a succesful career, spend time with friends, work on your health and on top of that, look stunning and spend time together as a couple also.

That is quite something to keep up with, don’t you think? So, what if there exists a place where you are able to put all these challenging tasks aside for a little while, focus on what you want and need, not alone, but together with the most precious thing in life: your family. We have created a place where you can both relax and keep an eye on your kids at the same time.

You are our starting point

So basically, it is you for whom we are doing this. All the decisions we make are being done from the perspective as a parent with as main goal to find the right balance in parenting and relaxation.

And what do we as parents find most important? Exactly! Safety and simplicity. Imagine this! Whilst enjoying a delicious cup of coffee at our beautiful terrace, you are able to see your kids play at a glance. Not only your kids are having the most wonderful time of their lives but you do too! Our playground is made in such a way (surrounded by child-friendly fences), that it makes it impossible for your toddler to run away. How incredibly awesome is that?

Be outside, have the sun shine upon your face, feele the breeze in your hair: “experience nature!” and your kids being in a safe environment. Is there anything you want more in life? “Waite for a second…… what are my kids up too? Where is the cool playing equipment for them?”

To be honest, which playing equipment to be used at our playground was by far the most difficult decision we had to make. Do we make the decision based on the excitement of the child or do we decide for the happiness of the parent? The answer is as follow: if you constantly have to worry about your child climing up that climing frame which is just a little to dangerous or wanting to go up on the slide that is just a little to high, you as a parent are never able to relax.

That is why we have chosen for child-friendly playing equipment, which means some effort is being asked to use the equipment. Nothing is going to happen by itself, the child represents it’s boundaries, if they stop pedaling, the toy vehical stands still. Meanwhile, physically and mentally effort is being asked which stimmulates a healthy growth and causes your kids returning home tired and satisfied.

After all, it must be worth a visit, right? Probably you have said yourself to ofen: “if our kids are happy, we are happy”. But is that really what you want?  If the area is not well maintained, the services are minimal and not a clear thought has been made about the facilities needed as a young parent. We are certain that you will not enjoy your stay as much as you want.

We can only say this: we have thought about all these aspects and want to give you the opportunity to drop it all for a second, enjoy free time and putting your mind to rest whilst knowing that your child is in a safe and happy place.

Best wishes Bartele and Rianne Holtrop.

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